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Professional Advising

Professional Advising

About professional advice

Your health care professional can provide us with advice in a number of areas: Your health care professional may work with Pfizer as a professional advisor providing us with knowledge, insight, and advice on a range of topics, from designing clinical research studies to marketing Pfizer's medicines.

What that means: One example is that our marketing and development colleagues may invite several health care professionals to attend a roundtable discussion for anywhere from several hours to one or two days, in order to:

  • Review preliminary information about a medicine in development
  • Provide advice about treatment decisions
  • Share concerns about the safety and effectiveness of medicines
  • Identify areas of further study that would be helpful

How patients benefit

Health care professionals, who care for patients, can represent patient interests: When health care professionals like your doctor provide their thoughts and advice to Pfizer, it helps ensure your interests as a patient are represented throughout the process of developing new medicines.

They can add their expertise to ours to help patients receive better care: Patients should also feel confident knowing that Pfizer supplements our own expertise by seeking out other health care professionals who are thought-leaders and at the cutting edge of research for patient care.

How professional advisors benefit

They have a chance to engage in important work that can benefit their patients: When your doctor works with Pfizer as a professional advisor, he has the opportunity to engage in important work helping in developing and improving medicines for the benefit of patients like you. Your doctor's advice and input enable him or her to provide insights on Pfizer's research and how our products are developed.

How Pfizer benefits

Health care providers give us real-world knowledge: While Pfizer has experienced health care professionals on staff, we recognize that treatment options and patient needs today are constantly changing. In order to build on our internal experience, we also rely on the real-world knowledge and understanding of practicing health care professionals like your doctor. Your doctor helps provide Pfizer with the perspective of direct patient care, which helps us to improve our medicines.

Policies that govern the gathering and use of professional advice

Professional advisors must be in good standing: Pfizer ensures that the health care professionals we engage as professional advisors are in good standing with the Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General, the Food & Drug Administration and the U.S. General Services Administration.

Compensation of professional advisors:

What we take into consideration: Professional advisors are paid according to fair market value guidelines which are based on:

  • The health care professional's specific qualifications
  • The amount of time necessary to provide the requested service

How we reimburse expenses: If it's appropriate, we may also cover travel or food expenses incurred in connection with their consulting engagements.

Other policies that govern how we work with professional advisors:

  • Authorship of medical publications
  • Ethical sales and marketing
  • Anti-corruption and anti-bribery principles

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