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Our Responsibility In a Changing World

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As a member of today’s rapidly changing global community, we are striving to adapt to the evolving needs of society and contribute to the overall health and wellness of our world. We are continually reviewing and improving our efforts to lessen our impact on the environment, nurture a workplace of diversity and inclusion, conduct responsible business practices, and uphold the highest ethical standards in everything from research and development to sales and marketing. And, we are building partnerships in communities throughout the world to strengthen health systems, increase access to our medicines and find sustainable solutions to the health challenges of today, and tomorrow.




U.S. Patient Assistance Programs

Access to medicines is a cornerstone of Pfizer's commitment to health care. For more than 25 years, Pfizer has offered an array of prescription assistance programs to help eligible patients get access to their Pfizer medicines. Today, this assistance is provided through Pfizer RxPathways™, formerly Pfizer Helpful Answers®, which helps eligible patients get access to their Pfizer medicines by offering a range of support services, including insurance counseling, co-pay help, providing Pfizer medicines for free or at a savings, and more.

In the last five years, (2010-2014), Pfizer helped nearly 2.5 million patients in need get access to over 31 million Pfizer prescriptions, valued at more than $7.9 billion1.

Pfizer also provides charitable donations to independent non-profit charitable organizations which support eligible patients who require help paying their out-of-pocket expenses, including co-pays or co-insurance. In 2014, Pfizer donated $7.9 millionto co-pay foundations dedicated to helping patients obtain the life-saving medicines they need.

Visit to learn more about Pfizer's Patient Assistance Program and get access to tools and resources to help raise awareness of these programs in your own community.

Pfizer RxPathways is a joint program of Pfizer Inc and the Pfizer Patient Assistance Foundation.

1 WAC Value; Data on File

2 Data on File

Medicine Safety Education

Learn more about the risks and benefits of medicines-and gain a better understanding of the factors that can affect risk perception. Our interactive web hosts will guide you through a wealth of important information on medicine safety.

Energy and Climate Change

As an environmental leader, Pfizer has been public in its efforts to address climate change. Our Energy and Climate Change Program seeks to minimize the cost and operational restrictions arising from a carbon-constrained environment, reduce Pfizer's contribution to GHG emissions, and assess the risk presented to Pfizer's operations from the potential physical changes resulting from a warming global climate.


Annual Review

Pfizer's Annual Review provides informaton on the financial, environmental and social dimensions of our performance. It demonstrates the integral relationship between our responsibilities as an enterprise, and our core business strategies and their execution. It is produced for all of our stakeholders-patients, the medical community, investors, employees, customers and the public at large—to give a single picture of how we are doing, and, more importantly, how we are doing in delivering on our stated commitments.

Visit the UN Global Compact Web site.


Pfizer Annual Report

Innovative Partnerships

Innovative Partnerships

Learn about Pfizer’s global partnerships focused on Achieving Health in all Life Stages.


Need help paying for Pfizer medicines?

Patient Assistance Programs

Pfizer RxPathways® may be able to help. Pfizer RxPathways offers a range of support services for eligible patients. Visit

Patient Savings Offers

Eligible patients can register for valuable savings offers for nearly 40 brand name medications.