Robust Sales, Wider Scope, Important Partnerships

We have been working to increase Pfizer's product mix and geographic presence. In 2010 Pfizer had 15 brands that surpassed the $1 billion mark in sales, a record for our industry. Growth in our patented portfolio was driven by important medicines such as Sutent, Lyrica, Prevnar and Enbrel. We widened our geographic scope with a focus on emerging markets, where half of the world's population lives and where there is rising economic wealth. In 2010 our Biopharmaceutical revenues in emerging markets exceeded $8.5 billion,3 up 41 percent over 2009, and, for the first time, we achieved more than $1 billion of annual revenue in both China and Brazil.

During 2010 close interaction among our development, medical, external affairs and commercialization teams helped boost registrations for Prevnar 134 for pediatric use to more than 80 countries and launches to more than 55 countries. This new vaccine, which helps protect infants and young children from pneumococcal disease, became our fourth-largest-selling product in its first full year since its commercial introduction, and is now available to millions of infants and young children in developed, emerging and developing nations.

We also saw developments in our late-stage pipeline during 2010, including the regulatory filing for Prevnar 13 for adult use in the U.S. and European Union, and encouraging late-stage results from our JAK inhibitor, tofacinitib, being developed to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions; from crizotinib, bosutinib and axitinib for certain kinds of cancers; and from apixaban, which we are developing with Bristol-Myers Squibb as a new anticoagulant. We will continue to track these key late-stage assets throughout 2011.

We remained active in striking partnerships and alliances that continue diversifying our product portfolio and geographic reach. Partnerships announced in 2010 included an in-licensing agreement with Biocon designed to provide more alternatives to the world's diabetes patients, and an alliance with Keas that offers personalized care plans directly to patients. We also announced several strategic acquisitions, including King Pharmaceuticals, to supplement our pain-management portfolio and drug-delivery technologies, and Synbiotics Corporation, to provide Pfizer's animal health business with a foothold in the fast-growing veterinary immunodiagnostics sector. We formed a new partnership with Teuto, a Brazilian company that helps us reach more patients in a key emerging market with branded and unbranded generics. We also advanced our partnerships with numerous governments and foundations to increase access to health care, immunize millions of children with the latest pneumococcal vaccine, and help alleviate human suffering from diseases such as malaria and blinding trachoma.

Opportunities, But Also Challenges

We fully recognize the complexity of the challenges we face over the next several years and are prepared to address them by focusing on four imperatives that will allow us to distinguish ourselves from others in our industry.

Imperatives for Building Value

  • Be a Leader in Science and Innovation: Marshal and manage our deep resources to generate products that are both innovative and science-driven and can profoundly impact health.
  • Continue to Use Our Financial and Commercial Strength to Enhance Competitiveness: Take the right actions that allocate capital and leverage our commercial strength to produce profitable growth and create value for patients, health care providers, payers and shareholders.
  • Earn Respect from Society: Enhance credibility and trust by acting with integrity and helping to expand access to health care.
  • Create a Culture of Confidence and Trust: Develop ourselves as a learning organization, rooted in strong values, and driven by initiative, collaboration and accountability.


Emerging Markets include, but are not limited to, Asia (excluding South Korea and Japan), Latin America, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Turkey.


Known as Prevenar 13 in most markets outside the U.S.