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Board of Directors Information 2017 *
Size of Board 12
Average Age of Directors 64
Number of Independent Directors 11
Diverse Board (as to Gender, Ethnicity, Experience and Skills) Yes
Annual Election of All Directors Yes
Director Tenure - Average Years 7
Majority Voting for Directors Yes
Separate Chairman & CEO No
Lead Independent Director Yes
Independent Directors Meet Without Management Present Yes
Annual Board and Committee Self-Evaluations Yes
Annual Independent Director Evaluation of Chairman and CEO, including His Interactions with Board Yes
Annual Equity Grant to Non-Employee Directors** Yes
Board Orientation/Education Program Yes
Number of Board Meetings Held or Scheduled 10
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Directors Yes
Corporate Compliance Program Yes
Board-Level Regulatory and Compliance Committee Yes
Disclosure Committee for Financial Reporting Yes
Annual Advisory Approval of Executive Compensation Yes
Shareholder Ability to Call Special Meetings (20% Threshold) Yes
Policy Prohibiting Use of Corporate Funds for Direct Independent Expenditures in Federal and State Elections Yes
Rigorous Process and Expanded Disclosure Related to Corporate Political Expenditures Yes

*As of February 23rd, 2017