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EHS Audits

The purpose of Pfizer’s Global Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Audit program is to provide an objective assessment of the adequacy of the management of EHS risk at a site level.

Pfizer’s EHS audits add value by:

  • Focusing on compliance with Pfizer EHS standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Providing a comprehensive assessment of the adequacy of site risk management, including EHS and business continuity risks.
  • Outlining a summary of site EHS performance to senior site and business line management, including identification of site management strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Engaging site-level EHS professionals to audit at other facilities, maximizing technical knowledge across the network.
  • Identifying “best practices and model programs” that other sites can replicate.
  • Proposing solutions to close gaps identified during the audit process.

The EHS Audit program applies to all Pfizer internal site locations including manufacturing, research & development, and commercial sites. Refer to details on Pfizer’s Supplier Assessment program here. The program is risk based with greater audit activity directed towards higher hazard operations within the Pfizer network of sites. Audit methods deployed vary depending on the audit objectives and feasibility of travel / access to sites. Audit methods include on-site, remote audits enabled by technology, and/or hybrid approaches combining on-site and remote audit techniques. The Global EHS Audit program also includes a review of site Self Audit programs which are conducted by sites and designed to similarly evaluate site level conformance to regulatory and Pfizer EHS Standard requirements.