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Pfizer CentreOne combines its scientific knowledge with open dialogue to solve challenges and help customers bring their innovations to market. For our customers, our collaborative approach means more efficient routes to market and high-quality APIs and drug products.

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Pfizer CentreOne delivers the development, technical and quality expertise, global regulatory support and clinical/commercial product supply to effectively launch our partners’ drug strategies. We provide access to one of the industry’s most advanced manufacturing networks and offer:

    • Clinical manufacturing 
    • Method validation and development 
    • Formulation and process development 
    • Regulatory support—pre- and post-launch
    • Steroids 
    • Hormones 
    • Prostaglandins 
    • Antibiotics
    • Complex organic synthesis 
    • Large-scale fermentation and bioprocessing 
    • Milling and micronizing 
    • Tech transfer, optimization and scale-up of complex small-molecule processes
    • Specialized technologies 
    • Scale-up technology transfers 
    • Containment expertise 
    • Deep technical and commercial knowledge
    • Complex biologics 
    • Controlled substances 
    • Sterile suspensions 
    • Lyophilization



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Partnerships save lives. We’re eager to work with innovators who share our values and our focus to discover and develop breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.


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