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Compliance with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws in the jurisdictions where we operate, complemented by our internal EHS Standards, is the foundation of our EHS program. Pfizer is dedicated to maintaining full EHS compliance, and when potential non-compliance is identified through self assessment and compliance assurance programs, prompt corrective action is required. Internal EHS Standards and routine internal EHS audits assist in maintaining compliance and providing a strong driver for continuous improvement. All non-compliance events listed in the table below have been resolved.

Non-compliance EHS Events Resulting in Fines / Penalties Paid

Year PaidNumberTotal Paid (USD)
  • The table above discloses non-compliance events resulting in fines / penalties that were paid in the
    reporting year.
  • Fines / Penalties paid – currency equivalent in USD. Ex-U.S. fines / penalties converted to USD using Federal
    Reserve historic currency conversion data for date of resolution. Fines/Penalties are rounded up to the
    next $100.