For Current Suppliers

Pfizer offers the following programs to its current suppliers:

Working Capital

In some markets, Pfizer suppliers may have the ability to expedite payment through one 
of the following options:
  • Dynamic Discounting: Pfizer C2FO is a dynamic discounting marketplace that gives suppliers the ability to request early payment on approved invoices in exchange for a discount. To learn more about the program, please go to
  • Supply Chain Finance:  Pfizer and our global banking partners have entered into a partnership to offer an early payment solution to suppliers of Pfizer. The supplier benefits range from access to a competitive financing rate and acceleration of cash flows by reducing accounts receivable to increased control of collections. The program can be set up to manually or automatically fund approved invoices early. To learn more about the program, please contact your Pfizer Global Procurement representative.
  • Static Discounting:  Standard early payment term option with a fixed discount rate is applied to all invoices cleared for payment within a specified number of days.   


To optimize the experience of working with our suppliers, Pfizer encourages the use of e-Invoicing where possible. E-Invoicing provides key benefits to our suppliers such as:
  • Automated and expedited delivery of invoices into Pfizer’s ERP system
  • Regular electronic notifications from the system on invoice status and if applicable, additional action required
The technology can be utilized 24-7 to send e-Invoices to Pfizer. To learn more about invoicing Pfizer electronically, please email [email protected].  

Pfizer Accounts Payable

Pfizer suppliers can track the status of their invoice at the Pfizer Accounts Payable website.

Supplier Network Collaboration

Supplier Network Collaboration (SNC) describes the current business model for collaboration between Pfizer and its trading partners. Pfizer and selected partners will collaborate via the SNC Web Portal, responding to demand and supply information or via Business to Business (B2B) integration, by exchanging XML or EDI messages. Click here to learn more about Supplier Network Collaboration.

Supplier Diversity

Pfizer’s Supplier Diversity Program is administered by Pfizer’s Global Procurement team. Our intent is to give qualified diverse suppliers an opportunity to compete for Pfizer’s business whenever possible. Supplier Diversity is embedded in our sourcing process. Click here to learn more. 

Pfizer's Referenced Policies and Procedures

Pfizer standard contract terms require third parties to comply with policies, regulations and directives of Pfizer. Applicable policies, regulations and directives are listed below; please refer to your contract to determine applicability. These policies, regulations and directives may be revised from time to time and updates provided herein.