Supplier Network Collaboration


Supplier Network Collaboration (SNC) describes the current business model for collaboration between Pfizer and its trading partners. Pfizer and selected partners will collaborate via the SNC Web Portal, responding to demand and supply information or via Business to Business (B2B) integration, by exchanging XML or EDI messages. Access the SCN Portal here.

Overview of SNC Modules

  • Purchase Order Collaboration (POC) — Allows for Pfizer to maintain control of the MRP planning process, creation, release and transmission of Purchase Orders to external partners. While key procurement information is communicated to partners including forecast and inventory levels.  
  • Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI) — Qualified Partners will be able to analyze Pfizer's forecast requirements and inventory information, and in turn, enter a replenishment plan in the SNC portal. This model will allow the SMI supplier to create replenishment orders from the plan, which automatically create Pfizer purchase orders in ECC

Benefits of SNC

  • Creates a two-way competitive advantage through shared information and improved integration of business processes
  • Increases supplier production optimization
  • Streamlines the procurement process
  • Reduces inventory levels in the pipeline and lead times
  • Reduces manual intervention

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