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Project Title Organization Date of Approval
Improving Adult Vaccination Practices in Primary Care in Northeast Ohio: A Focus on Influenza and Vaccine-Preventable PneumoniaCleveland Clinic Educational Foundation December 2013
Increasing Vaccination Rates with an Appointment-Based Pharmacy ModelUniversity of Cincinnati December 2013
System Alignment for Vaccine Delivery (SAVED): Improving rates of influenza and pneumococcal vaccination through patient outreach, improved medical record accuracy and targeted physician alerts.University of Massachusetts Medical School December 2013
The VaccineLink Project / La Salud ConexiónUniversity of South Florida, Morsani School of Medicine December 2013
Acepta el reto, ¡Vacúnate! / Accept the challenge: get vaccinated!VOCES: Coalición de Vacunación de Puerto Rico December 2013
Immunization Perceptions & Education: From the Patient to the Resident and Back Again Mayo Clinic August 2013
Trainings to improve physician perceptions and provision of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine University of North Carolina August 2013
Utilizing Population Health Outcomes Data to Increase Immunization Rates in Adolescents University of Texas Health Science Center August 2013
An Enhanced 4 Pillars Toolkit for Increasing Adolescent Immunization: A Randomized Controlled Cluster Trial in Pediatrics and Family Medicine University of Pittsburgh, Department of Family Medicine June 2013
A Multilevel Approach to Understanding and Reducing Missed Opportunities for Vaccination among Adolescents with Chronic Medical Conditions Columbia University June 2013
Use of Pharmacy Practice Faculty and Student Pharmacists to Screen, Educate, and Provide Pneumococcal Vaccine to Elderly Patients in Vermont Albany College of Pharmacy August 2012
AOA's Call to Action on Pneumococcal Disease American Osteopathic Association August 2012
Improving the Quality of Elderly Care in Indiana: Reducing the Incidence of Vaccine-Preventable Pneumonia and Related Morbidity and Mortality Indiana University August 2012
Community-Academic Partnership to Improve Pneumococcal Immunization Rates in an Underserved Population University of Cincinnati August 2012
Utilizing Population Health Outcomes Data to Increase Adult Pneumococcal Immunization Rates University of Cincinnati September 2012
Improving Pneumococcal Immunization Rates in New Jersey through Collaboration New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians December 2012
Utilizing Addressing Educational and Coordination Barriers for Adult Pneumococcal Disease Prevention in Rhode Island University of Rhode Island December 2012
Pneumococcal Disease Prevention Initiative: Integrated Interventions for Improved Adult Immunization Rates Henry Ford Health System December 2012
APhA's RxVACCINATE: A National Education and Practice Support Initiative to Increase Pharmacist Administered Pneumococcal Vaccinations American Pharmacists Association December 2012
Improving Patient Immunization Rates through Optimizing Pharmacy's Role in Providing Immunization Services Shenandoah University, School of Pharmacy December 2012
Improvement of Vaccination Rates in Adult Patients at High Risk for Pneumococcal Disease: A Focus on Reasons for Decline of Vaccination University of Connecticut December 2012
Pneumococcal Vaccine Services and Harlem Community Pharmacies Touro College of Pharmacy December 2012
Prevention of Pneumococcal Infections Through Vaccination: The Pharmacist’s Role in Immunization University of Florida December 2012