Partnering to Fight Cancer

Pfizer is part of a robust cancer alliance that includes the cancer research collaborations and partnerships to develop breakthroughs in cancer treatment.

Collaborations in oncology

Our R&D division works in partnership with some of the world’s top researchers and scientists in academia, healthcare, government, and the biomedical industry.

We're working together in real time to find new ways to deploy our collaborative strengths to solve serious and complex medical challenges that no one group can solve alone.


We are building our expertise and creating an industry-leading program in immuno-oncology with the goal of treatments that focus the patient’s own immune system on an invading cancer.

Through an immuno-oncology alliance with Germany's Merck KGaA, we have accelerated our work in immuno-oncology and positioned ourselves to bring new treatments to market that have the potential to improve patients' lives.

Our leading immuno-oncology collaboration with Cellectis aims to deliver immunotherapies built upon the advanced genome editing and cell-engineering capability of Cellectis and the cutting-edge biotherapeutic cancer therapy platform of Pfizer. This partnership is designed to deliver a new generation of CAR-T (chimeric antigen receptor T-cell) immunotherapies for cancer patients with urgent medical needs.

Through these and other collaborations, and our own immuno-oncology pipeline, we believe we are poised to lead in the fight against cancer.

immunology oncology partnership

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We publicly share results from our clinical trials, whether the results are neutral, negative, or positive. We also share data gathered in clinical trials we sponsor with trial volunteers, researchers, and others.

One way we do this is by participating in collaborative data-sharing initiatives such as Project Data Sphere®.

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We continue to conduct research on our approved medicines in order to unlock their full potential and uncover new insights that could bring additional benefits to patients.

For instance, we have opened up our vast clinical trials database to academic collaborators in order to uncover novel approaches for kidney cancer and initiated multiple studies that leverage our real-world data to further maximize the potential of our approved therapies.


Partnering In New And Dynamic Ways

Partnering dynamic ways

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