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In Pfizer siamo costantemente impegnati a  scoprire cure che  possano migliorare la vita di tutti... ovunque. Se anche tu condividi questa passione e questa volontà, scoprirai che non esiste posto migliore di Pfizer per intraprendere e continuare la tua carriera.

La ricerca scientifica è il fulcro della nostra azienda. Non sorprende dunque, che i nostri scienziati siano tra i migliori al mondo. Mettiamo a loro disposizione le risorse, le tecnologie e le strutture necessarie per affrontare e vincere alcune delle più complesse sfide nel campo della salute a livello mondiale. Per questo motivo alcuni tra i migliori scienziati a livello internazionale hanno scelto di alimentare la passione della loro vita in Pfizer.

Scoprirai che Pfizer è un’azienda concentrata in egual misura sulla propria cultura interna e sulla sua reputazione esterna. La nostra OWNIT! Culture, imperniata sul principio di “appartenenza”, offre a tutti i colleghi la possibilità di perseguire il successo nella sfera professionale, contribuendo al contempo alla conseguimento di risultati aziendali positivi. La OWNIT! Culture si fonda sulla responsabilità e sul principio olistico della leadership, sulla crescita e sull’apprendimento, nonché sull’opportunità e sull’innovazione.

Entra a far parte della nostra azienda e avrai la possibilità di lavorare al fianco di colleghi provenienti da contesti diversi e dotati di abilità diverse; persone che contribuiscono alla realizzazione di tutte le attività che svolgiamo: dallo sviluppo dei farmaci, al marketing, dalla tecnologia, alle vendite e molto altro.

Se sei animato dalla passione e dalla volontà di scoprire e mettere a disposizione dei pazienti cure innovative potendo contare sulle più avanzate tecnologie, o semplicemente se desideri  contribuire al miglioramento della  vita degli altri, entra a far parte di Pfizer e lavora con chi condivide le tue stesse passioni.

  • Our core values are simple, powerful, and interconnected: courage, excellence, equity, and joy. We recognize that courage, excellence, and joy are only possible when we ensure that all our colleagues feel welcome and included at every step of their Pfizer journey. For applicants with visual impairment and other accessibility needs, please visit our inclusive hiring partner GettingHired to learn more about ways you can join our global community and be part of our purpose: Breakthroughs That Change Patients’ Lives.

    At Pfizer, we want to do our best to support the needs of all our colleagues. Applicants with visual impairments and other accessibility needs are encouraged to explore our inclusive hiring partner GettingHired to learn how they can join our global community.

    Pfizer provides reasonable accommodation in job application procedures for qualified individuals with disabilities, disabled veterans and applicants requiring an accommodation related to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions, including the need to express breast milk. If you have a disability that inhibits your ability to apply for a position through our online application process, you may use the alternative methods described below to contact us about your interest in Pfizer. If you require an accommodation during the application/interview process.

  • We realize that delivering on our purpose means not just attracting the best and brightest talent but also ensuring our colleagues can thrive in an environment and culture where we champion diversity and inclusion. We believe that every person deserves to be seen, heard and cared for, and we work to further this goal by bringing together people with different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences.

    Learn more about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Pfizer

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  • Pfizer offers competitive compensation and benefits based on a variety of factors including prior experience, geographic location, and talent pool availability:

    • Pay for Performance Philosophy and Practices: Pfizer structures its compensation policies and practices to recognize that colleagues should be rewarded based on the contributions they make to our business.
    • Benefits to Maintain and Promote Health and Wellness: Depending on the customs and laws of a specific country, Pfizer offers colleagues health and wellness programs that help them maintain and promote optimum health and wellness. These programs can include health and disability insurance, preventative health programs, medical screening, free or reduced-cost vaccinations, discounts on Pfizer products, and nutrition and fitness counseling.
    • Benefits to Help Colleagues Meet Financial Goals: Depending on local custom and practice, Pfizer offers colleagues several benefits to help them meet their financial goals. These programs can include access to colleague-directed retirement funds, company contributions to retirement financial vehicles, life insurance, and financial planning education.
    • Breakthrough Benefits for the moments that matter: Whether you’re caring for your children, your spouse/partner, your parent(s), another loved one, or yourself, Pfizer provides resources and time off to help. New parents may take at least 12 weeks of paid leave following the birth or adoption of their child and may also take up to 2 weeks of paid caregiver leave each year to care for family members.
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  • At Pfizer we are invested in investing in our people so they remain focused on purpose: breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

    Every Pfizer colleague contributes to our company values – Courage, Excellence, Equity and Joy. Recently, Pfizer was recognized with many awards demonstrating how much we care about our people, and how important they are to us.

    Creating a working environment that is exciting, innovative, inspiring, and safe is one of our greatest motivations. These awards are a testament to living our culture. Take a look at some of our recent achievements around the world.

    View Pfizer Accolades

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  • We’ve transformed growth and development at Pfizer to ensure that everyone can follow the path to their dream career, whether that’s climbing a traditional, vertical ladder – or as we like to call it – ‘zig-zagging’ their way to a new role. Growth at Pfizer isn’t linear, success isn’t limited and advancement opportunities are abundant.

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    We grow ourselves and others to deliver on our purpose: 
    All of our colleagues are encouraged to discover and embrace new experiences, explore opportunities and learn from others. Because when you grow – we all grow. 

    We prioritize growth: 
    We actively encourage you to have growth conversations about your career with your manager and explore internal development opportunities. We’ll help you to open doors, provide you with the tools you need to thrive and encourage you to explore the world that sits outside your comfort zone. 

    Growth isn’t linear:
    Your growth at Pfizer is incremental and non-linear. This allows all our colleagues to walk whichever path they choose to career success and satisfaction. From your very first day at Pfizer and every day going forward, your manager will support you in broadening your horizons.

    Experiential development opportunities:
    We’ll foster your learning and encourage your development. We’ll listen to your aspirations and fully support your requests for job-rotation assignments, experiential action projects and short-term project roles. Our colleague-centric approach celebrates you and your strengths to offer you the best opportunities so you can realize your full potential.


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