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Get to Know Our Breakthrough Fellows!

At Pfizer, we are so excited to welcome our first class of Breakthrough Fellows to our organization. We believe these students have so much to offer as they grow into the next generation of Pfizer leadership. To showcase the amazing talent in this program, we spoke to the Fellows themselves to learn more about their first few weeks as Pfizer. Get to know some of our Breakthrough Fellows below!

“I choose Pfizer because of their commitment to delivering groundbreaking science for the sake of global wellbeing. This opportunity is life changing for me. I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in Healthcare Management and being a Breakthrough Fellow gives me access to Pfizer’s M.B.A pipeline program, meaning I could begin graduate school in less than half the time it would have taken me previously. I’m most looking forward to working with the different branches of Pfizer’s global team. I believe the experience of coming together with people from around the world to achieve a common goal is one you can only get at a company dedicated to change like Pfizer.”

Alex joins Pfizer this summer as a Business Assessment Analyst. Alex is a Business Management (Finance) major at Stony Brook University, from Queens, New York.

“I chose Pfizer because I really admired the intentionality behind the Breakthrough Fellowship Program - the desire to give back to underrepresented students entering the workforce really spoke to me and I wanted to be part of this great program. To me, this opportunity offers a sense of stability and security in terms of my life immediately after college, and for the foreseeable future. I am a rising senior in college, and I know that the search for jobs after graduation is a very difficult and stressful process for many. With this program from Pfizer, I now do not have to worry about the job search and can look forward to starting a rewarding and promising career with Pfizer after graduation. My favorite experience has definitely been meeting people. I have had several 1on1 conversations with people across different parts of the company, and I have felt embraced and welcomed by all of them. The desire to see me succeed during this summer at Pfizer has been very humbling. It is so nice to have this team of people that are actively rooting for me, and it has helped me acclimate to the company in my first three weeks here. I am looking forward to completing projects and gaining invaluable experience/skills. Since my first day, I have been learning so much on my feet. I feel like a sponge that keeps absorbing knowledge each day that I am working here. I think this will be a great marker of my growth, both personally and professionally.”

Brannen is a Public Policy & Spanish major at Vanderbilt University from Cumberland, Rhode Island. This summer Brannen is interning with Pfizer’s Global Policy & Public Affairs department.

“By creating this amazing program which promotes minority representation within the workplace, Pfizer has shown me that it is a company with integrity and one that I would be proud to work for. Pfizer’s values align heavily with my own, and I know that my passion for improving the quality of healthcare for all will continue to blossom at such a forward-thinking company. Being chosen to intern with the Breakthrough Fellowship Program is a reminder of how far hard work can take you. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and for it to be offered to me, validates all the time and effort I’ve put towards setting up my future. Getting to know coworkers on more of a personal level during one-on-one virtual meetings has been the highlight of this program. Hearing about their experiences at Pfizer has not only been a great learning tool, but the positive way in which they describe their journey here has also assured me that this is a company that truly cares about its employees.”

Colette joins Pfizer from Los Angeles, California as a Marketing Associate for Internal Medicine. Colette is a Microbiology major at UCLA.

“As a Latino in the competitive world of business and entrepreneurship, diversity and equity are crucial values that I try to implement in my daily life and work environment. Therefore, being able to join Pfizer, a company that doesn’t only excel in science and technology but also provides a safe space for these values, means a world to me. Thus far, my favorite experience at Pfizer has been able to immerse myself in their professional network. Since the moment I joined the Pfizer family, I have had the opportunity to meet many professionals who have helped me every step of the way by providing selfless intellectual support. In my mind, I see my journey at Pfizer as a way to reinforce my professional and leadership skills. Therefore, I’m looking forward to building professional relationships that will teach me innovative ways to improve on myself while at the same time using these lessons to help the company fulfill its mission.”

Edric is a Business Enterprise Management major at Wake Forest University, from San Juan, Puerto Rico. This summer, Edric joins Pfizer as a Market Access Operations Intern.

“All my reasons for choosing to work at Pfizer can be broken down simply to Pfizer’s social responsibility and consciousness. I chose Pfizer because I knew that this is a company that prioritized their greater impact and the world we live in. I was shown this fact throughout the pandemic, through Pfizer’s unprecedented work in developing the COVID-19 vaccine, and then finally seeing that Pfizer has created a program as amazing as the Breakthrough Fellowship. Not only is Pfizer’s Breakthrough Fellowship program an opportunity to have my career and personal development propelled forward in an unimaginable fashion, but a way for me to also work towards my greater life goal of bridging the gap of STEM engagement and financial literacy within minority communities. Being a part of the first class of fellows allows me to witness the program grow and possibly even have a hand in shaping the program so I can give back to Pfizer and help pay the opportunity forward to the future Breakthrough fellows. I am most looking forward to growing alongside the fellow interns over the duration of this program and our career with Pfizer for the next several years. This is the first professional cohort of its kind that I have the privilege of being a part of and I cannot wait to see how all of us develop as individuals, leaders, and most importantly, as colleagues.”

John is from Los Angeles, California getting a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from New York University, Tandon School of Engineering. John is a Portfolio & Decision Analyst for Pfizer this summer.

“I loved the interaction I had with my hiring manager. It felt like I was talking with a friend more so than being interviewed. I wanted to be a part of a company that embraces diversity and isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. This means the world to me. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be working for one of the world’s largest biopharma companies and they would not only be guaranteeing me a fast track to management but also paying for my master’s degree I wouldn’t have believed it one bit. I feel like this opportunity has helped me accomplish a very difficult feat for someone with my background and I look forward to continuing to break barriers and create my seat at the table. Networking with other likeminded individuals and seeing how down to earth the entire leadership team truly is here at Pfizer. I genuinely feel like they want me to succeed and become one of the next leaders within Pfizer. I am looking forward to moving to NYC when I graduate and enjoying the city life! I am also looking forward to developing my business skills further, especially since my background to date has been all pre-health and biomedical engineering work.”

Shayla is from Huber Heights, Ohio, majoring in Biomedical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. This summer, Shayla is working at Pfizer as a Transformation Project Management intern.

“Pfizer is a Global leader--Not just through life changing medicine, but also in the way it speaks up on social issues. Its core values (equity, excellence, courage, and joy) are woven into the fabric of everything Pfizer does. From top to bottom, everyone in this company wants to see the world become a better place for every person. I have never worked for a company that is more adamant about ‘doing the right thing’. It is inspiring. There is nothing better than working for a company whose core values align with yours. This opportunity has changed the trajectory of my life. Education and intentional mentorship are the keys to advancement and endless opportunity. Through this program, I will be able to achieve things I never thought possible. I have job security, hope and excitement for the future. My outlook on life has been drastically enhanced thanks to Pfizer and this incredible program. My favorite Pfizer experience so far has been getting to know management and team members. Everyone is so kind and always willing to help. The support system here is like none other. 

The other fellows and I have been provided with so many resources and virtual events that are fascinating, fun and help us to grow. What I am looking forward to most is giving back. This opportunity has made a huge impact on my sphere of influence. Seeing changes in the lives of the people close to me, as a direct result of this company, has been very special. I am filled with so much gratitude. Because of this opportunity I am able to help lead the way for those around me. This career will give me the tools and the resources to be a mentor to others, just as Pfizer mentors have helped me. I look forward to contributing to the profound legacy Pfizer has built.”

Traiana joins Pfizer this summer as a Marketing Associate for I&I Xeljanz. Traiana is from Akron, Ohio and studying Marketing as the University of Akron.