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Improving Access to Cures Through Innovation

Patients deserve affordable access to the best healthcare possible. That’s why Pfizer invests in research and development: to produce groundbreaking treatments, like the COVID-19 vaccine, that improve people’s lives. It’s this investment in innovation that enables our scientists to make dramatic strides in healthcare. Their work advances life-changing therapies for the millions of patients we serve.

To help even more patients access the medications they depend on, we need smart public policies that support both access and innovation. Americans deserve healthcare solutions that:

  • Increase affordable access to breakthrough treatments.
  • Support the development of more treatment options by increasing access to biosimilars. Biosimilars are FDA approved, and often offer a lower-cost alternative to biologic therapies that treat challenging diseases like cancer, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. Biosimilars give patients a safe and often lower cost option to their originator biologics.
  • Deliver meaningful healthcare savings directly to patients through rebate reform that cuts out the middlemen. In the current broken rebate system, insurers and pharmacy benefit managers negotiate substantial rebates with pharmaceutical companies to lower the price of medicines. Instead of passing the rebate on to patients, middlemen are siphoning off these savings.
  • Promote market competition and protect innovation by rejecting foreign price controls on prescription drugs. Price controls would base the price of medicines sold in the U.S. on the policies of foreign governments — and could alter how doctors and patients access drugs. This dangerous policy could have long-term harmful effects on patients by undercutting innovation and limiting access to life-saving medicines.

Help protect your constituents’ healthcare by supporting solutions that protect innovation and increase access to life-saving treatments!

Ready for Cures