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Meet GTS: Wendy Mayer Part 2

Wendy Mayer is the Vice President of the Colleague Experience team at Pfizer. In our previous post, Wendy highlighted how Pfizer has created a positive, productive remote colleague experience and here we explore her tips on staying productive while at home.

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While the uncertain environment has made it difficult for some colleagues to work as productively as they would otherwise, Pfizer has been committed to providing and delivering the support every colleague needs to stay healthy and productive during this challenging time.

Wendy said in the past, there has been a great deal of inconsistency regarding whether or not colleagues could work remotely, or whether mangers supported it. However, Wendy said that through this forced experiment we see that working remotely is not only possible, it can be highly productive. She says by supporting colleagues as fully as Pfizer is, the company is living up to its’ culture and values. Pfizer has said we are #inittogether and has placed a big emphasis on the health and wellbeing of their colleagues. Overall, the need to ‘work from home’ caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed for a tangible demonstration of the depth and character of Pfizer’s culture and its longstanding commitment to its colleagues and patients.

Wendy says COVID-19 has also been a huge catalyst for Pfizer to drive digital transformation across the company, as it has forced everyone to become more comfortable using programs like Microsoft Teams and Outlook. This is something that Pfizer will continue to use moving forward. The collaboration experienced on these technology platforms has proven to be an efficient and productive way to communicate. Also, this tech offers a greater opportunity of equity moving forward with remote working, creating a space for jobs that are beyond peoples’ normal geographical boundaries. These new ways of working open up the ability to access opportunities that colleagues might not have been able to before.

On a personal note, Wendy has learned through this unique time how important it is to manage your time in a way that is more productive, and to make sure you connect with people beyond the traditional meeting.



1. Stay to a schedule

2. Make a to-do list. Identify some objectives at the beginning of the week, then keep track and focus on the things you want to accomplish that week.

3. Look at objectives and tasks in small increments, to help avoid getting overwhelmed by the broader challenge of remote working.

4. Improve digital savviness and embrace new tools and technologies such as Microsoft Teams.

5. Try to make sure you maintain a healthy balance, take vacation and make sure you are able to support your family in the way they need you. Setting these boundaries will help you get less overwhelmed and will help you schedule your time.

6. Stay positive! No one knows when this is all going to end, how it is going to end, or how the future is going to look. This uncertainty may cause you to become stressed, but it’s important to stay positive and focus on the things you can control.


With no end in sight to this crisis, it can be hard to stay positive. I asked Wendy what she does to stay positive. She said she works to stay connected with her team members and stay focused on the benefits of the work she is doing. Wendy loves being faced with big challenges and getting immersed in her projects. Additionally, staying up to date with all of the news regarding Pfizer finding a vaccine for COVID-19 makes her feel very positive about the future of the industry and proud to be working at such an amazing company.

Originally published on Friday, September 18, 2020