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Meet Our Scientists: Vidia Roopchand

Vidia Roopchand is a Principal Scientist for VRD Viral Vaccines at our Pearl River, NY site. Vidia has been with Pfizer for 27 years and spent his career supporting the efforts of the research and development team to develop innovative vaccines that prevent diseases and to help treat people globally – including the research to develop the COVID-19 vaccine. His primary role is to grow viruses to test efficacy of our viral vaccines in pre-clinical and clinical models. He works collaboratively with his team as well as external partners, Universities and CRO to provide the viruses for research use.

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In this video, we discuss Vidia’s role and accomplishments with Pfizer within the Vaccine Research and Development team. He shares the positive impact that vaccines have to offer to the global community. However, what drives and fuels him is the commitment and impact Pfizer has made to developing parts of the world, especially where children would otherwise not have access to vaccines. He also discussed the amazing opportunity he has been given as a Scientist to contribute to Pfizer’s commitment in developing a COVID-19 vaccine for the global community.