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The science behind hiring and interviewing


We’re not the first business to discover how technology increases diversity, but we’ve been among the first to adopt it and make it work.


Here’s the background. HireVue is an AI-driven platform which helps us consider more applicants, drive consistency, reduce any unconscious bias and make better decisions. From diversifying our talent pool to making interviews structured, it ensures we won’t rely on assumptions and could increase our diversity by up to 16%. 

Just this week, all of our early acquisition leads have implemented HireVue as part of their crucial hiring processes. We’re eager to start applying it across our business  starting with our interns and graduate hires. In the future, our leaders will all have come to Pfizer via this process and be more representative of the people we’re here to help.

It’s one way in which we’ve been reimagining our hiring processes, bringing in technology and actively using it to increase diversity within Pfizer. And we’re delighted to announce that we have won the Diversity Star Award as a direct result, specifically due to implementing the platform into our Breakthrough Fellowship Program, which aims to advance our colleagues’ careers.






As Jackie Goldschmidt, Pfizer’s Director of Early Talent says, “We are thrilled and honored to receive HireVue’s inaugural HireVue Diversity Star Award."







It’s fitting that a business full of trailblazers should adopt a digital revolution on this scale. Our commitment to increasing diversity has real goals that will see more women and minorities take on roles from VP level and above. And meanwhile, we’re truly proud of introducing tech that helps us create a more diverse organization with a common purpose.