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Rebates have the potential to benefit patients, but the current drug pricing system allows insurers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to take advantage of the system and charge patients more for medicines. When insurers work with PBMs, they aim to have pharmaceutical companies sell their medicines to them at a discounted rate.

However, when a patient gets to the pharmacy counter, he or she does not see any of those discounts. Middlemen, instead of passing that rebate on to their customers, swallow it all up. As a result, patients often end up paying more for their medicine than their insurer does.

Congress must work to revise our broken system and support transparent, upfront discounts that directly benefit patients. In the current system, none of the approximately 12 billion dollars in rebates that Pfizer paid in 2018 found its way to American patients. Patients are and should always be the first priority, and we need to let PBMs and insurers know that they can no longer overlook their impact on driving up patients' out-of-pocket costs.

We need to send a message to Congress and let them know that we must reform the rebate system so patients can see lower out-of-pocket costs now. Join our efforts by sending a message to Congress today.