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Stefanie Weiland is the Executive Director of LifeNet International, a franchise health center network with over 85 centers throughout East Africa. They provide training and access to medicines and equipment to improve primary and maternal care for low-income people.
“Our whole mission is to improve the quality of care and the sustainability of these existing healthcare facilities,” explains Stefanie. “These are life-and-death things. It means the difference of a child getting a lethal or a non-lethal dose of medicine.”

Stefanie will never forget the time she witnessed what a life-and-death difference LifeNet International’s infant CPR training made at one of the organization’s clinics.
“The head nurse came up to me and said, ‘Stefanie, Stefanie! You won’t believe it – It works!’” she recalls. “‘I used the technique, I used it last month seven times. Seven babies are now alive.’”
“If that’s just one lesson, imagine all the other impact that we’re having,” Stefanie adds. “It’s really changing lives.”
LifeNet International is using its Global Health Innovation Grant to ensure quality primary care services for 56,000 underserved people in Uganda by supporting the training of nurses and other staff at 10 community health centers.
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