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Pfizer 'Leans In' to Celebrate Women's History Month

Pfizer has joined a new online community that aims to help women achieve professional goals.

As part of its commemoration of Women's History Month in March, Pfizer has joined a global community committed to encouraging and supporting women to help them achieve their goals. The community, called Lean In, was launched in 2011 by Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and takes advantage of the Web and social media to offer materials and programs, such as:

  • Stories of women and men at different moments in their careers, including stories from Pfizer Executive Vice President and General Counsel Amy Schulman; Chief Medical Officer Freda Lewis-Hall; and Senior Vice President and Chief Talent Officer Tanya Clemons;
  • A Facebook page to allow individuals to join the conversation and receive daily inspiration, ideas, and insights; and
  • Social media areas called Lean-In Circles where women can share experiences and follow a curriculum for career success.

"Lean In is aligned with the objectives of our Raise Your Hand Campaign," said Pfizer's Yvonne Greenstreet, who chairs the company's Global Women's Council (GWC), a group comprised of senior-level female and male colleagues from across the organization that focuses on women's talent and pipeline management. In 2012, the GWC celebrated International Women's Day by launching the Raise Your Hand campaign, which aims to build the next generation of Pfizer's women leaders by increasing their business acumen, sharing experiences and learnings through increased participation in employee resource groups, and accessing mentorship opportunities. "We believe that cultivating more diverse teams and more female leaders will drive superior business results and position Pfizer as an employer of choice," said Greenstreet.