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Pfizer’s metastatic breast cancer medicine has been named the “Best Pharmaceutical Product” at the 10th Annual Prix Galien USA Awards in New York, among the industry’s most prestigious accolades. 
Prix Galien USA recognizes exceptional pharmaceutical innovations that have improved health around the globe.  Pfizer’s metastatic breast cancer medicine took the top prize among a category of 22 products. 
Pfizer’s metastatic breast cancer drug is the first cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor approved by the FDA.  Cyclin-dependent kinases are important regulators of cell growth. Pfizer’s first-in-class medicine works by interfering with the kinases and stopping cancer cells from dividing and growing.  
The “Nobel Prize” of Pharmaceuticals
Founded in France in 1970 by pharmacist Roland Mehl, the Prix Galien prize was created to recognize significant advances in pharmaceutical research that help improve and save lives. The award is named in honor of Claudius Galenus, or Galen, a Roman Empire-era physician, who is considered the father of systematic medicine.  Overseen by a jury of the world’s most prominent scientists and physicians, the award is considered the industry’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize. 
In 2007, the Galien USA Awards Ceremony and Forum launched to honor unique medical products.  Categories have since been added to recognize advances in medical devices and humanitarians who are using pharmaceutical science to improve the human condition in developing and underserved communities worldwide.