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Pfizer Publishes 2012 Annual Review

Pfizer Publishes 2012 Annual Review

Pfizer's Annual Review, covering the 2012 reporting year, is now available online.

The Annual Review integrates Pfizer's performance on topics typically covered yearly, such as Pfizer's financial results and its research and development pipeline, with corporate responsibility information, which the company used to report every other year.

"Our stakeholders have told us they want a report that captures a more comprehensive view of how a company is doing, including important financial and nonfinancial information," said Sally Susman, Executive Vice President, Policy, External Affairs and Communications. "Under the theme of ýownership,' this new Annual Review focuses on Pfizer's performance, outlines our strategies and prospects, and demonstrates that our corporate responsibility efforts are rigorously managed and integral to our business success."

The interactive website for the 2012 Annual Review can be found at