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Pfizer Supports Life Sciences Foundation Archive of Biotech History

Pfizer Supports Life Sciences Foundation Archive of Biotech History

Pfizer colleague David Cox is one of several leading scientists featured in Life Sciences Foundation's (LSF) virtual oral history initiative designed to promote the organizationýs mission — to record, preserve and promote the story of biotechnology.

Cox, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Applied Quantitative Genotherapeutics, Worldwide Research and Development, shares his recollection of the history and evolution of genome research in an online video series, "Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Oral History Collection." He also discusses his involvement in the field. His videos are part of a series of narrative accounts by prominent scientists who recount the events of the Human Genome Project in 1990.

LSF, founded in 2009, has sought to enhance public understanding of biotechnology history and innovation by recording, archiving and making available the achievements of key opinion leaders, institutions and organizations in the field.

LSF's Executive Director Arnold Thackray considers biotechnology to be "the greatest human adventure of our age."

"Its stories and achievements deserve to be made known," Thackray said. "LSF is dedicated to telling the story of biotechnology with the assistance of industry partners such as Pfizer that share the goal of educating students, teachers, scholars, journalists and policymakers."

Pfizer's scientific contributions to the field are documented in LSF's time lines, which chronologically and topically list significant and historical events in the life sciences and biotechnology. The development and patent of tetracycline, the first chemically synthesized antibiotic, in 1955, and the industrial manufacture of penicillin in 1943 are some of Pfizerýs achievements that are recognized in the time lines.

Anneka Norgren, Director, Corporate Responsibility, said, "Pfizer is proud to partner with the Life Sciences Foundation to bring the biotechnology industry's important stories to a broader audience. We hope that Pfizer colleagues will explore the website to learn more about LSF and Pfizer's history in the field."