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In a 2014 survey, more than 60 percent of Americans reported they know little to nothing about metastatic breast cancer. Committed to increasing conversation and reducing mortality rates, #Cancerland, a nonprofit community of individuals affected by breast cancer, brought research to the runway at a recent New York Fashion Week show.

Sponsored by Pfizer, this second annual runway event, part of the NYFW Art Hearts Fashion show, featured models who are currently living with, or survivors of, breast cancer. Showcasing designs by AnaOno, a lingerie line made for and by women with breast cancer, the show sought to raise awareness about the physical realities of the disease as well as the urgent need for metastatic research funding.

Even when diagnosed at an early stage, up to 30 percent of women with early stage breast cancer will eventually progress to metastatic disease, which currently is incurable. In addition to ongoing efforts to research and develop new treatments for metastatic breast cancer, Pfizer partners with advocates and patients to begin a dialogue that will help tackle the challenges posed by this disease. Through sponsorships such as Art Hearts Fashion and initiatives like Breast Cancer: A Story Half Told, Pfizer aims to elevate public understanding about metastatic disease, dispel misperceptions, combat stigma, and expand conversations with advocates, patients, healthcare professionals, and beyond.

“It’s such an amazing thing to have these women, these survivors and thrivers walking the runway at New York Fashion week,” explained Beth Fairchild, Story Half Told participant and co-host of the fashion show.

1Source: National Omnibus Breast Cancer Survey, sponsored by Pfizer Oncology, April 2014.