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Seoul Mayor Honors Pfizer Korea with Social Welfare Award

Seoul Mayor Honors Pfizer Korea with Social Welfare Award

Seoul Mayor Honors Pfizer Korea with Social Welfare Award
Pfizer Korea volunteers from the 'Happiness for GPGC Families' campaign,
which launched in 2010 as the new social responsibility program of Pfizer Korea.

Pfizer Korea is the 2011 winner of the Seoul Mayor's Award for Social Welfare for its contributions to improving the welfare of the city's children through its "Happiness for Grandparent Grandchildren (GPGC) Families" corporate social responsibility program.

The Pfizer-sponsored Happiness for GPGC Families campaign was launched in July 2010 in partnership with the Child Fund and the Korea Medical Women's Association (KMWA) and was designed to assist children who live with their grandparents, in absence of their parents, to achieve their future goals and lead a healthy life.

As part of the campaign, approximately 100 volunteers, made up of Pfizer Korea colleagues, participated in a two-day "Pfizer Dream Camp" serving as mentors for children. Pfizer Korea also provided scholarship money to children in the program through the "Pfizer Education Fund" and helped the children receive comprehensive medical examinations, conducted jointly with the KMWA.

"As a responsible corporate citizen, Pfizer Korea is committed to working together for a healthier world for all people," said Dong-Soo Lee, Representative Director of Pfizer Korea. "We plan to continue to engage in activities like this, to help children realize their dreams and grow up to be healthy."

The Seoul metropolitan government issues the Seoul Mayor Award in the Social Welfare category to business and non-profit organizations as well as individuals that have made outstanding contributions to development of Seoul City. This year, nominees were selected for their efforts in helping underprivileged children in the city.