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“I learned I still had something to contribute, and a lot more to learn. Those are the basic elements to staying engaged, and, to me, that seems like a pretty good way to live my life from here on out,” Paul Critchlow, former head of communications for Merrill Lynch and Pfizer Senior Intern, told the crowd at The Atlantic’s New Old Age Summit in New York.

Reflecting on his experience starting as an intern at age 70, Paul shared how he continues to take action to prepare for a longer, healthier life in a conversation with Sally Susman, Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs. Following the theme of the Summit – challenging the idea of getting old in America – they focused on actionable advice for healthy aging, including the importance of staying active, intergenerational connections, and gratitude.

Watch their full remarks:

Throughout the day, the Summit featured conversations on getting the most out of longer lifespans, the new “Silver Economy,” and reinvention in retirement. Attendees contributed their own ideas for living a longer, healthier, and happier life in the Get Old Café, a breakout session sponsored by Pfizer’s Get Old program.

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