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The Antigen Podcast Episode 1: #COVID19 Looking Back to Look Forward

In this first episode, we’ll share what we’ve discovered from past global health emergencies. What did we learn from Ebola, MERS, cholera, and how does it compare to the current coronavirus? How do we recover? We’ll also wrap up with the latest headlines on Pfizer's response to the crisis.

Host Lindsey Dietschi speaks with Dr. David Swerdlow, Clinical Epidemiology Lead for Pfizer Vaccines and infectious disease expert. Prior to Pfizer, David worked at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for 25 years.

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See the full transcript for Episode 1 here

Episode Guests:

  • Dr. David Swerdlow, Pfizer Vaccines

Episode references:

  • CDC Modeling Efforts in Response to a Potential Public Health Emergency: Influenza A(H7N9) as an Example


Antigen Host 2

The Antigen: #COVID19 mini-series is hosted by Lindsey Dietschi. As the Vice President, Global Health Partnerships Lead in Pfizer's Emerging Markets, Lindsey leads a team that establishes partnerships to bring Pfizer medicines and vaccines to people in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. She has worked at Pfizer for nearly 17 years and in vaccines for more than 10 years, including serving as the representative of the developed world vaccine manufacturers on the Programme and Policy Committee of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Lindsey has a Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University and Master of Business Administration from the Stern School of Business at New York University, where she is also currently an Adjunct Professor in the Management Communications department.

*Guests have not been compensated for their participation on this podcast