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Meet GTS: Wendy Mayer Part 1

Wendy Mayer is the Vice President of the Colleague Experience team, which is a part of the Global Talent Solutions Organization within Human Resources at Pfizer. Wendy has been at the company for over twenty-three years. Among other things, she and her team focus on ways to develop and drive standards for consistent colleague experiences across their career journey. Wendy works to do everything possible to ensure everyone at Pfizer has positive experiences across the moments that matter, in a manner that is consistent with the company’s values and culture. Ensuring there is a consistent level of information, resources, and simplicity of process for every colleague is a hallmark for Wendy and her team, for existing colleagues as well as those joining Pfizer. Wendy works to make sure everyone is provided with the tools and resources they need to make their career at Pfizer one that is full of opportunity and enables them to do their best work.

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As Pfizer colleagues have transitioned to working remotely due to COVID-19, Wendy and her team have worked to make the transition as smooth as possible for all colleagues at Pfizer. One of the biggest ways Wendy and her team have been helping with the transition to remote working has been with respect to onboarding. They have addressed the need of onboarding colleagues remotely, as employees have still been joining Pfizer since the offices shut down. Under the current circumstances, new colleagues are unable to come into the office and complete required paperwork, meet their mangers, and acclimate to the Pfizer culture. Wendy and the onboarding team have been working to make sure colleagues are still able to do this remotely. They have been able to quickly adjust the onboarding process to make sure these incoming colleagues are still able to be issued proper equipment, sign off on appropriate documents, and ensure they are effectively engaged in conversations with their managers and team members. To ensure that this occurs effectively, managers and new colleagues are provided with guidance regarding what information should be shared and how Pfizer is responding to the current situation. One of the reasons why this is so important is because the new processes have enabled colleagues to still join Pfizer and become very productive, even though they are not working in a traditional way.



1. Making sure colleagues still feel connected to the organization.

As a current intern for Wendy and the Colleague Experience team this summer, Wendy used our relationship as an example of how she has been working to create a positive colleague experience. Wendy and I have not had a chance to meet in person yet; however, she has made it a priority to meet with me once a day and check in on how I am doing. Personally, having this point of check in has helped me feel connected to Wendy, the team and the Pfizer community.


2. Providing mental health and support to her team.

This whole situation has been very difficult for everyone in different ways. Some people are struggling to properly care for their kids while working from home, other people have had family members directly impacted by COVID-19, and some people have been struggling with learning how to adapt to working remotely. The support needed is varied; thus, for Wendy a priority for her has been to constantly check in with members of her team to see how they are doing. Wendy does this so her team knows that she and Pfizer are there to support them. We are all going through this together; therefore, Wendy’s weekly and daily check ins with her team members are set to remind them that they are not alone.


3. Maintain focus on the work we are doing

With so many unprecedented and unpredictable things going on in the world right now, sometimes it may feel that some of the projects we are working on may not be as valued as they had been before the COVID pandemic. However, Wendy wants everyone at Pfizer to remember that the work we are doing is indeed valuable and important. Wendy says to always put things into perspective and prioritize the things that are important for the organization and ourselves as colleagues. Doing this will help focus and organize the work we do.

Originally published on Tuesday, September 15, 2020