PSA Narrative


The PsA Narrative is a global initiative created by Pfizer to engage the psoriatic arthritis (PsA) community to help identify how people living with psoriatic arthritis are impacted by the disease. The U.S. patient survey findings represent a subset of the PsA Narrative global survey, which was developed with input from the Global PsA Narrative Advisory Committee.

The Global PsA Narrative Advisory Committee is comprised of people living with psoriatic arthritis, as well as leading rheumatologists, dermatologists and patient organizations from 8 countries. We will work together to turn the insights gleaned from the survey into actions that can help identify real-world needs and concerns about living with psoriatic arthritis.



PsA Narrative U.S. Patient Survey Infographic

U.S. findings (n=301) from a global survey of adults living with psoriatic arthritis show the significant impact of the disease and how patients may not be communicating how they truly feel with their physicians.

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