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"When I try to determine if my patients are settling, I look for the difference between the patient global assessment and the physician global assessment. This is a frequent tip off to the fact that the patient may be settling.”
- Allan Gibofsky, MD, Rheumatologist (USA)



"Patient advocacy support groups allow people living with RA to connect with others who have shared their exact same experiences. The importance of these groups cannot be understated and should be intertwined with any rheumatology practice."
- James Galloway, MD, Rheumatologist (UK)

"Before an appointment, people living with RA should ask themselves 'what do I want to get out of this visit?'. Tools like the RA NarRAtive conversation guide are great resources to build prepared patients that are ready to ask the questions and discuss the issues that are important to them."
- Clare Jacklin, Patient Advocate, (UK)



“There is immense value to setting goals with your patient at initiation of the relationship and regularly thereafter. These goals may create a meaningful result to the patient but also outline an objective endpoint that you can both work towards.”
- Ara Dikranian, MD, Rheumatologist (USA)