Aligning Pain Care in our Communities

Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association of North America

Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association, Mayo Clinic Health System Southwestern Wisconsin (MCHS SWWI) and the La Crosse County Public Health Department are excited to partner together for the proposed Aligning Pain Care in our Communities. Aligning Pain is designed to realize a reduction in misuse of opioids in managing chronic pain, achieve consistency across physicians in safe opioid/narcotic prescribing, improve identification of depression in patients with chronic pain and engage community resources in the treatment of patients with chronic pain through standardization of care across Mayo Clinic Health System Southwest Wisconsin WI (MCHS SWWI) region that includes portions of Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our primary objective is to provide systematic care for chronic pain patients following evidence based clinical standards for the treatment of chronic pain as measured through an increase in the documented use of patient provider pain medication agreement, annual urine drug screening, and use of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP). Our targeted population is MCHS SWWI clinics and the communities they serve. The full proposal provided below details our project approach and evaluation methodology. Results will be measureable through EHR extraction, PDMP reporting, and clinician and staff engagement. An overall presentation and report to MCHS leadership will summarize the successes and challenges of a regional approach to improvement and community engagement.

Approval Date:
August 2015
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Improving Care of Chronic Pain- Physician Groups & Health Systems