Access to affordable medications

Arizona Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery Society

This project was stimulated by the widespread problem of patient access to affordable pharmaceutical treatments. The goal of this project is to create a powerful short visual video presentation to illustrate some of the barriers to quality and affordable care patients with moderate to severe dermatologic conditions experience. The rising costs of generics, the cost prohibitive structure for biologics, and limited doctor networks will be documented using patient testimonials as well as physician interviews to create a vehicle to promote change through media attention and legislative action. The funds we are requesting are to include research, production, and distribution of our video PSA.

Goals and Objectives: There has been a dramatic increase in spending on pharmaceuticals in the last few years. Much of the increase is due to very expensive new products that, because of the cost structures created by some of our insurance companies, put the most effective medications out of reach of the average patient. There has also been a concurrent, unprecedented increase in the cost of generic medications previously available at a fraction of current costs. In addition, the availability of less expensive compounded medications have been greatly curtailed, often leaving doctors and patients helpless to obtain effective medications needed at an affordable price. The goal of this project is to thoroughly research this very prevalent issue for all practicing dermatologists (as well as physicians across many specialties) and to use resources from the AAD Drug Transparency Task Force to help us portray an accurate picture of the problem. We plan to create a compelling portrait of these issues using video interviews of patients, doctors, and pharmacists to best provide a human face to these problems.

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November 2015
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Dermatologic Patient Access to Care