Patient educational handout on why the cost of dermatologic drugs has increased so dramatically

Georgia Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery

Are physicians fully aware of the cost of the drugs they are prescribing?  Will patients stop therapies due to rising costs?  Are there other options?  Physicians should be educated and patients must be informed as to why the price of their prescriptions has risen.  Information garners confidence and furthers the patient/doctor relationship all too often lost in a perceived “dollars and cents” centered healthcare environment.  A dialogue is critical to continued access to care.  Information is the impetus. 

The GSDDS polled their membership as to their needs on this issue and found that 93.75% of respondents would find it of value and would be willing to distribute a professionally researched and produced flyer related to the cost of drugs to their patients.

The GSDDS would like to give their members a tool to start that conversation.

The GSDDS is requesting $23,000 for direct and indirect expenses associated with researching, developing, producing and distributing a professionally printed pamphlet intended for handout in dermatology practices in Georgia for one year, the content focused on educating patients as to why the cost of dermatologic drugs has increased so dramatically.

Approval Date:
November 2015
Amount Awarded:
Start Date:
End Date:
In Progress
Dermatologic Patient Access to Care