Cardiovascular Risk

Dyslipidemia prevalence, perception, treatment, and awareness in the Tunisian population: the ATERA PROJECT

Tunisian Association of study and research on Atherosclerosis

The aims of the ATERA project are to determine the prevalence of dyslipidemia and other conventional risk factors for CHD, the relationship between environmental and lifestyle factors with dyslipidemia, the perception and the knowledge of cardiovascular risk factors by the population, and above all, to strengthen the national strategy for primary and secondary prevention against CHD, in a prospective epidemiological study. 

This project will be curried on in a random sampling including 10000 men and women from the seven regions of Tunisia. The screening would be assessed using an initial and an endpoint surveys covering socioeconomic, nutritional and anthropometric measures in addition to biological assessments. The Interventional section will include an educational program for hyperlipidemic patients in order to improve their knowledge about hypolipidemic diet and to obtain their motivation which is essential for long term compliance. 

The endpoint survey and biological assessment will be used for study evaluation.

Approval Date:
June 2014
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Reducing Cardiovascular Risk Globally