Cardiovascular Risk

Intensive Management of Dyslipidemia in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease Including Their Families in Primary Care

Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine

The main goal of this project is to improve effectiveness of the preventive care for patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD) through introducing intensive and individualized management of cardiovascular risk factors including family members. This will be accomplished at the level of primary health providers in cooperation with three professional societies: Czech Atherosclerosis Society, Czech Society of Angiology and Forum for Healthy Nutrition. Czech Atherosclerosis Society will be responsible for organization of the project and for education of management of dyslipidemias. Czech Society of Angiology will be responsible for special care regarding patients with PAD and will address primary care physicians from previous projects. In addition, patients and their families will be educated by nutritionist. To reach the latter goal the Forum of Healthy Nutrition and its specialists, namely nutritionists will develop comprehensive educational materials. The team including lipidologists, angiologists and nutritionists will collaborate with 30 primary care physicians. A total of approximately 300 patients will be included together with approximately 600 their family members. Because of educational character of this project and ethical reasons, control group will not be established. The main evaluated factor will be change of lipid parameters. Information about the study will be presented at meetings of professional societies operating in this area, and through established web sites including web sites of all three societies for professionals and lay public. 

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April 2014
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Reducing Cardiovascular Risk Globally