Cardiovascular Risk

Improving Dyslipidemia management in the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC)

Oman Society of Lipid & Atherosclerosis

The main objective of this Collaborative Action is to improve dyslipidaemia awareness and management mainly in Oman. We will also include the other Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) countries in this initiative in order to decrease the high cardiovascular disease (CVD) burden in the region. This collaborative action will mainly target subjects with dyslipidaemia associated with metabolic syndrome, diabetes and CVD as well as clinicians, nurses, health educators and societies who have an interest in managing dyslipidaemia. In addition to the general public, media and government sectors like the Ministry of Health (MOH) and The Research Council (TRC) in Oman will be involved. The interventions will include the implementation of strategies to raise awareness of dyslipidaemia among clinical specialties in Oman and other GCC countries and the identification and implementation of strategies to raise public awareness of dyslipidaemia, not only in large cities but also in rural areas. Questionnaires and assessment forms will evaluate participants in this collaborative action in terms of satisfaction with the programs especially with educational activities (e.g. outreach programs and scientific meetings). Laboratory measurements will be funded from sources other than the IAS-Pfizer grant. The proposed action plan can be scaled down should less funding from the grant be awarded.

Approval Date:
May 2014
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Reducing Cardiovascular Risk Globally