Smoking Cessation

Clinician Training on Tobacco Dependence for Respiratory Therapists

American Association for Respiratory Care

OVERALL GOAL: The overall goal of this project is to increase the proficiency of respiratory therapists in the 5A’s (and AAR) model and in pharmacotherapy recommendations by utilizing modules specifically designed for the target population. TARGET POPULATION: The target population includes currently practicing respiratory therapists. This population will have contact with patients who are current tobacco users and can benefit from the cessation conversation conducted by the respiratory therapist and subsequent referral to the formalized tobacco cessation program. PROJECT: The training will provide the RT with guidance for delivery of personalized, tailored tobacco cessation interventions, which may be offered in a variety of environments. This training will build upon existing resources to improve the knowledge, behaviors and self-­‐efficacy for providing brief interventions. The program addresses the need for tailored, interactive, behaviorally focused video examples to demonstrate appropriate interactions with the tobacco user. EVALUATION: Determination of the impact on the practice gap will be evaluated with pre and post intervention evaluation measures to determine perceived level of knowledge as well as self-­‐reported behaviors and self-­‐efficacy in providing counseling. Pre-­‐ and post-­‐course content assessments will be administered to assess potential improvement in foundation knowledge as well as pre-­‐ and post-­‐assessments addressing perceived level of knowledge, effectiveness and preparedness regarding performing tobacco cessation interventions. Follow-­‐up interviews will conclude the data collection to measure self-­‐reported counseling behaviors and self-­‐efficacy for tobacco dependence counseling and to assess the impact of the training on practice.

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March 2015
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Smoking Cessation SCLC 2014