Smoking Cessation

Building capacity to deliver evidence based tobacco use treatment in Vietnam

Institute of Social and Medical Studies

The overarching goal is to develop and disseminate an evidence-based healthcare professional training program tobacco use treatment in Viet Nam.  We also aim to create capacity for wide spread dissemination by developing and testing a train-the-trainer (TTT) program and creating a network of professionals and organizations including the Ministry of Health (MOH), who are dedicated to advancing evidence-based treatment throughout the health care system. This proposal has strong potential for high impact as it brings together critical public health stakeholders in Viet Nam, including the Viet Nam Steering Committee on Smoking and Health (VINACOSH-the MOH’s tobacco control program), Ha Noi University of Medicine and School of Public Health, the Institute of Social Medical Studies (ISMS), a well-established research institute in Viet Nam, and experts in tobacco dependence treatment from New York University School of Medicine (NYUSOM). The team is well positioned to carry out the proposed activities and to create a South East Asian regional training center in partnership with Global Bridges.

Approval Date:
August 2014
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Global Bridges 2014 Smoking Cessation