Smoking Cessation

EPACTT-EuroPean Accreditation Curriculum on Tobacco Treatment

European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention - ENSP

Our goal is to develop an accreditation curriculum for tobacco cessation clinicians in Eastern Europe, and enhance the formulation of a network of healthcare professionals that will be accredited in smoking cessation and dedicated to advancing evidence-based tobacco dependence treatment and advocates for tobacco control policies. The project will utilize the extensive network of the European Network of Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP), to promote the development of accredited champions in both tobacco treatment and control. This above capacity development in Eastern Europe will allow an expansion of the Global Bridges Network by adding an additional hub (ENSP), and multiple new nodes (accredited clinicians) to the existing Global Bridges network.
The above capacity development and creation of this new “hub” of the Global Bridges network will be performed through the triangulation of a hybrid (online and in-person) training program based on Global Bridges resources, the local adaptation/translation of these resources, and post-training follow-up to enhance sustainability and network development in Eastern Europe. This current project is part of the broader ENSP strategy to reduce tobacco consumption by developing common actions for organizations active in smoking prevention and tobacco control in Europe. Part of this strategy is the involvement of health professionals that offer smoking cessation services in all European countries.

Approval Date:
August 2014
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Global Bridges 2014 Smoking Cessation