Smoking Cessation

Expand availability of tobacco dependence treatment services in the Eastern Mediterranean Region through building sustainable evidence-based incountry training programs

King Hussein Cancer Center

In  order  to  meet  an  evident  gap  in  the  field  of  tobacco  dependence  treatment  (TDT)  in  the  Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR), this project ultimately seeks to increase the number of trained healthcare providers (HCPs) in the EMR who can integrate TDT into their practice. To achieve this goal, the project will build on training programs offered to date and on previously fostered  relationships  to  establish  four  self‐sustaining  training  hubs  across  the  region  (in  addition  to  the  incumbent  hub  at  King  Hussein  Cancer  Center  in  Jordan).  These  hubs  will primarily  serve  countries  within  which  they  are  established  (Morocco,  Tunisia,  Egypt,  Oman,  and Jordan) while also functioning as regional training centers for neighboring countries. 

Between all five  hubs, TDT  curricula and  content will  be  developed  and made  available in  all  three  languages  that  are  in  use  the  region;  Arabic,  English,  and  French.  The  core  curriculum common  across  all  five  hubs  will  be  jointly  developed  based  on  evidence,  and  informed  by  results  of  the  evaluation  component  included  within  this  project.  Beyond  that,  hubs  will integrate additional content depending on country‐specific circumstance and needs.

At project completion, we anticipate that this experience will serve as a model for the region and beyond. Each hub will be capable of facilitating establishment of training programs in other parts  of  the  pertinent  country  and  in  other  countries  of  the  region,  ultimately  availing  TDT  training and education throughout the EMR.

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August 2014
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