Enhancing MenB Administration in College Environments (EMBrACE)

New York University

The overarching goal of the Enhancing MenB Administration in College Environments (EMBrACE) project is to increase MenB vaccination coverage among a national sample of college students.  The primary participants in the EMBrACE project will be college healthcare providers (HCPs) and the primary beneficiaries of the intervention (in terms of greater MenB coverage) will be college students aged 18-23 years. 

A Baseline Needs Assessment Survey among 200 HCPs will be conducted to determine knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices regarding MenB vaccination, as well as perceived barriers to MenB vaccine delivery in the college setting. Formative data from the survey will inform the content focus of the QI intervention in Phase 2. 

Adapted from the IHI Breakthrough Series Model, Phase 2 will enroll 50 participating institutions in a learning collaborative that will combine action-oriented training in QI, evidence-based practices in multi-vaccine delivery, and education in MenB vaccine recommendations. The intervention will include 6 Interactive Online Modules and 6 Expert-Led, Didactic Virtual Learning Sessions.  Between Learning Sessions, participants will use the Model for Improvement to run small, rapid cycle tests of change and scale up successful system-level improvements quickly.  Activities will be supported via an online resource center, listserv, archived sessions, and coaching.  Evaluation of the Virtual QI Learning Collaborative will be done using an interrupted time series design over the six months of the intervention.

The interactive online modules and archived webinars developed in Phase 2 will be updated and repackaged based on key learnings into enduring materials for widespread distribution.

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August 2016
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Implementation of MenB Vaccine Recommendations