Improving the care of cancer patients via an Immuno-Oncology Knowledge HUB for physicians and nurses

Catalan Institute of Oncology
Goal: The main goal of the proposed project is to improve healthcare delivery, quality of life and the health education of patients receiving immunotherapy treatment through a comprehensive training program for the healthcare professionals involved in their treatment. 
Target: The project will primarily target medical oncologists, hematologists, oncology and hematology residents, other specialists such as internists, and emergency physicians and nurses working in the hospitals included in the project consortium, around 600 physicians and 800 nurses.
Methods: We propose a comprehensive training program focusing on two key aspects: 
1.Shared learning between HCPs based on their practical experience, using the adapted SMILEON application.
2.Packaging of knowledge into evidence-based teaching materials so that it can be shared amongst peers and between disciplines (i.e. oncologist to another specialist, oncologist to nurse and vice versa). 
Evaluation: We will assess changes in HCP knowledge, competence and performance, as well as patient knowledge, satisfaction with care and outcomes. The project outcomes will meet five of Moore’s levels of CME outcomes measurements: learning (levels 3a and 3b), competence (level 4), individual performance (level 5) and patient health outcomes (level 6). We will conduct a prospective pre- and post-intervention analysis to assess the impact of the program on the management of patient care and QoL.
Dissemination: Following conclusion of the project, the program will be available free of charge to other healthcare institutions and HCPs via the e-oncología platform.
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October 2017
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Immuno-Oncology Capacity Development