PD-1 SAIF: Program to Develop One Standardized Algorithm for Immunotherapy at Fox Chase Cancer Center

Institute for Cancer Research d/b/a The Research Institute of Fox Chase Cancer Center

The goal of this project is to install a unified, centralized, and standardized Immuno-Oncology (IO) Program that is agnostic to disease site and drug type and provides an educational foundation and institutional framework to all medical providers who interact with patients, all towards the ultimate goal of optimizing patient safety and minimizing morbidity from treatment-related immune-related adverse events (TR-irAEs) in patients receiving immunotherapeutic agents.  The plan is split into three phases, with each phase focusing on a different aspect of education (patient-centered, internally-centered, externally-centered) to expand the understanding and recognition of TR-irAEs amongst patients and providers in a coordinated process.  Each phase will build on the prior phase, making it expandable to provide education to local and regional primary care centers, and portable to enable installation at other tertiary and comprehensive cancer centers.  Clinical and educational metrics are embedded to track and evaluate outcomes, and the program incorporates novel components to increase patient access to information and to their providers.  

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September 2017
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Immuno-Oncology Capacity Development