A Community Pathologist–Driven Approach to the Implementation of Best Practices in Immuno-oncology (IO) Across the Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Team

American Society for Clinical Pathology

As key members of the multidisciplinary immuno-oncology (IO) team, pathologists and laboratory professionals can effectively shape IO policies and procedures in their institution by shortening the timeframe from IO research to practice and improving patient care quality. However, there is significant lack of awareness and confusion about fundamental IO science and diagnostics, and suboptimal integration of pathologists and laboratory professionals in multidisciplinary and interprofessional IO cancer care teams.  The COMPATH_IO proposal,  a comprehensive two-year learning and practice-change educational program, is designed to: (1) increase knowledge, skills, and competence of pathologists and laboratory professionals involved in cancer diagnosis and management of  IO; (2) empower community laboratory  teams to play a greater role in institutional IO policies/protocols within community cancer centers; (3) promote pathologists and laboratory professionals as multidisciplinary and interprofessional IO cancer care team members; and (4) disseminate best practices and lessons learned from the program  among the broader IO multidisciplinary patient care team. Proposed activities include: (1) IO practice surveys, (2) online scientific modules, (3) group leadership discussions, (3) multidisciplinary QI initiatives, and (4)problem-based learning panel discussions. Online CME activities will be made available at no cost to over 100,000 learners in the US and Europe. ASCP is committed to advancing its full IO Education Strategy with its target audiences; additional IO strategy components include tactics to enhance communication of rapidly developing IO science. Results from COMPATH-IO will shape future education and change-based initiatives designed to enhance patient care across the IO diagnosis and treatment cycle.

Approval Date:
September 2017
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Immuno-Oncology Capacity Development