Improving Health Care Capacity in Immuno-Oncology: A Global Quality Collaborative

prIME Oncology LLC

The key goals of this global Immuno-Oncology Quality Collaborative (IOQC) are to 1) provide education that closes professional practice gaps aligned with key quality measures in immuno-oncology, enable and support clinicians as they implement the quality strategies within their own institutions, and assess the real-world impact of the initiative at the practice and health system levels, and 2) provide, for the first time, evidence of the impact of a scalable, immersive, online simulation-based QI solution on a specific set of quality measures which can address the enormous workforce retraining challenge facing oncology practices in their transition to value-based care. The target audience for the IOQC initiative is physicians, PAs, NPs, nurses and other clinicians who provide care for patients with cancer in North America, the European Union, Switzerland and Israel. A Virtual Quality Improvement (vQI) Curriculum will deliver the education, and participants will be supported to implement practice changes through IOQC regularly scheduled conference calls, organized by region. This curriculum’s activities are supported by the RealCME analytic platform, RealMeasure®, a patented, highly dynamic, comprehensive, and reliable program assessment platform. Learners participating in the IOQC in the US will be assessed using claims data to demonstrate the impact of participation in the Collaborative on their real-world patient-level outcomes. Additionally, through predictive modeling, the educational impact on specific learner profiles (based on location, practice type, years in practice, affiliations, types of contracts, etc.) will be analyzed, and the aspects of the intervention that had the greatest impact will be identified.

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September 2017
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Immuno-Oncology Capacity Development