Smoking Cessation

Stop smoking! For prevention of hypertension and cardiovascular disease by Team medical care Project -SOFT Project-

The Japanese Society of Hypertension

Smoking and Hypertension are two major factors for the mortality of cardiovascular diseases, and it is important for prevention of cardiovascular diseases to perform both smoking cessation and hypertensive measures. The Japanese society of hypertension started certified hypertension and cardiovascular disease prevention educator system in cooperation with the Japanese society of cardiovascular disease prevention in 2015. This project focused on three priority area to surely carry out non-smoking by smoking cessation instruction by team medical care. 1) For personnel training mastered non-smoking instruction skill and the improvement of the whole medical staffs’ instruction skill, we plan the emphasizing of non-smoking instruction plans, the non-smoking instruction Grand Prix in a certified educator workshop, and then act for excavation and enlightenment of better smoking cessation instruction. We also establish specialized smoking cessation instructor putting on a deep skill of the non-smoking instruction to raise motivation. 2) For the development of the non-smoking instruction tools, we recruited the ideas as the non-smoking instruction tool Grand Prix from members of society and certified educators and utilize it for high quality smoking cessation instruction. Furthermore, I make non-smoking instruction brochures and slide kits for enlightenment activity and non-smoking instruction. 3) For practice and spread of certain non-smoking instruction, we plan many types of symposium about the non-smoking instruction at scientific meetings and smoking cessation instruction role playing to widely enlighten smoking cessation to the nation. We would to promote non-smoking enlightenment for hypertension and cardiovascular disease prevention based on team medical care through the above.

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December 2017
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Japan 2017 Tobacco Cessation