Smoking Cessation

Dissemination of an e-learning program for training health professionals in smoking cessation (J-STOP)

Japan Medical-Dental Association for Tobacco Control
This project aims to disseminate training programs for smoking cessation treatment and support by e-learnings and workshops among health professionals to improve the quality of smoking cessation / smoking cessation support in Japan. In the project, the Japan Smoking Cessation Training Outreach Project (J-STOP), developed and implemented as a part of activities by the Japan Medical- Dental Association for Tobacco Control is to be improved and utilized. This e-learning program has been utilized for seven years and the effectiveness has been shown. We plan to develop a new smartphone · tablet version of the J-STOP e-learning system so that many health professionals can participate.We also plan to drastically revise contents to keep up the changes of smoking situations in Japan.
We have many experiences of disseminating the training programs to health professionals through medical institutions, municipalities, academic societies, healthcare organizations, etc.  and this project will continue to encourage major organizations nationwide to further disseminate the program by themselves. To make the training programs possible to continue, we are going to build a dissemination model in which it is positioned as a part of the activities of those organizations themselves.
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December 2017
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