Smoking Cessation

The program to train pharmacists who can support smoking cessation to expand passive smoking prevention

Pharmacists committee of Japan Society for Tobacco Control

The pharmacy and drugstore are located at convenience places for the citizens to visit casually.  Therefore, these medically specialized facilities can provide the good and frequent opportunity of medical care for a citizen in town even for person of busy life style, especially for business persons who have had medical barrier to prevent from receiving smoking cessation support. The goal of this proposal provide a smoking cessation support of high quality and also in a casual style at convenient places by pharmacist of a pharmacy, a drugstore, a hospital and a medical office, a health insurance union and also the public health center, resulting in the protection from passive smoking in public area and even private place for young children. To achieve this goal, we set three specific aims. Specific aim 1 is the visualization of hidden works of pharmacist to support smoking cessation and the intensive promotion for prevention of passive smoke, including activity of No-Passive-Smoking campaign of the pharmacist unions, and campaign for declaration of guideline and ethical principle of No Passive-Smoking Campus in university or collage founding pharmacist courses. Specific aim 2 is to promote training program for pharmacists to support smoking cessation by short time counseling at any sits of work place of pharmacist of a pharmacy, a drugstore, and a medical office. Finally, our specific aim 3 is to develop educational program for pharmacy students to learn smoking cessation cases which are much useful at the bed side, a pharmacy office and also a drugstore.

Approval Date:
December 2017
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In Progress
Japan 2017 Tobacco Cessation