Smoking Cessation

Training and educational programs for professionals to encourage patients to quit smoking

National Institute of Public Health
It is serious problem that Japanese tobacco control is lowly evaluated by WHO FCTC-MPOWER project. Among them, evaluation of FCTC article 14 related to the smoking cessation support and therapy is relatively higher than the other FCTC articles. The effects to the decreasing of smoking rate by smoking cessation support and therapy is globally shown. Actually, smoking cessation rate was three to four times increased by smoking cessation support and therapy comparing with smoking cessation efforts of individuals. However, the problem is that utilization ratio of these supporting system is considerably low in Japan. This ratio is under 20%. Considering of these problems, it is needed to promote and mediate to use this system in Japan. One of the key problems is that there are few chance of provide the smoking cessation outpatient services to smokers who want to quit smoking. Therefore, it is needed to provide the knowledge and increase awareness of the induction of smoking cessation program in the field of health care and welfare such as occupational health, regional medical care, school health, etc. of our country.
National Institute of Public Health is established as the specialized agencies for education and training of the personnel engaging in the works of public health. On the basis of this back ground, we will develop training materials for tobacco and health, and provide program by e-learning. By using these methods, we aim to totally promote the number of smoker using smoking cessation system advised by staff in the various filed of healthcare, and decrease smoking rate in Japan. 
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December 2017
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Japan 2017 Tobacco Cessation