Smoking Cessation

Development of Pragmatical Approach for Smoking Cessation on Admission -for Every Inpatient, at Every Hospital-

Shiga University of Medical Science
The purpose of this proposal is to develop and promote the program entitled ‘Pragmatical Approach for Smoking Cessation on Admission – for every Inpatient, at every Hospital’. The program that aims for systematically, generality and continuity without depending on individual efforts or abilities of smoking cessation educators is expected to be utilized at medical institutions across the country. The feature of this program is that we are able to add into hospital orientations held to all patients at the start/before hospitalization. Every medical institution holds such orientations, therefore, we expect to expand the support targets and support them on a daily basis. 
We plan to implement three steps:
1. Develop the tool and verify at the cooperative medical institution. Main outcome is the number of patients who took smoking cessation support at the outpatients department.
2. Distribute a questionnaire to medical institutions to figure out candidates for utilizing this tool.
3. Hold workshops nationwide through associations or related organizations with Certified Educators for Hypertension and Cerebro-cadiovascular Disease Prevention and Control as a leader. Main outcomes are the number of participants at workshops and medical institutions which decided to adopt this tool. 
Furthermore, we will continue to provide the program on related organizations’ websites after the end of the contract to maintain the continuity of the program. Thus, we aim to expand this program and fix it as a routine across the country. 
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December 2017
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